How to report someone on Discord [100% working]

How to report someone on Discord
How to report someone on Discord

Welcome to the official page of you are want to report someone on discord then in this article we will learn how to report someone on discord in an efficient way. In this article we can also cover the major benefit of discord and I will learn more related query.

So without wasting any time let’s get started.

What is discord ?

We all are known that this card is one of the great interactive platform where we can send or we can say chat through voice and text with our gaming partners.

We can talk over the chat with a stranger which may be your friend or any kind of stranger of your giving partner. So discord allows user two interacting over the chat with the help of boys and some interesting text format.

But there will occasionally when someone says something which valid the policy or guidelines of discord. Which may affect your discord account as well.

So you might be report this user directly on the discord depending upon the severity of the message. After that the disciplinary action will be taken to the user by discord team.

So this is not a simple process. In this guide will walk you through how to report someone on discord in an efficient way. In this article we will cover how to report users and service over the disc code application and how should we check if the message violates The discords guidelines or not and many more queries.

How to report users and servers on discord application

There are various steps we need to follow to take successful report someone who is spamming on the discord being a kind of abusive chats.

we find an entire server which exactly participating in farming activity that it against the community guidelines of discord.

Share we mention what we should do or how can do the allot the moderators at discord application.

How can we check the message violates discord guidelines

We can’t report someone unless their message actually against the discord community guidelines.

There are some couple of activities and messages which are against the community guidelines of discord application which are listed below.

  • Doing some kind of harassment over the chat
  • Doing spam messages
  • Against the internet protocol for IP rights.
  • Sharing the child abusive content.
  • Promoting any suicidal content.
  • Promoting any self harm content.
  • Threatening another user
  • Providing virus
  • Sharing images of animal cruelty

If the spammer message does not fall into one of this category then you don’t need to report this message directly on the discard application.

If possible you can talk to the other member which are already present in the the group or channel. If you are a owner for moderator of of this server you can even kick them out or Ban them through the channel or group.

You can also blocked or made this person to avoid sing their content while continuing to observe what everyone else is saying in the server.

If the message is deleted after you send the report to the discard then disciplinary action can be still be taken on the user. However there is no way to report a message that has already been deleted because discord is already noticed.

How to do this report

In order to do report saw someone on discard application is not simply as you just hate the report button on discord.

We have to find a new ID codes on discord team where the discord employees can investigate ID codes for the violating messages.

In order to do that we have to follow some couple of states which are listed below.

  • We need to click the gear icon next to your name in the button left corner of the screen.
  • Select the appearance tab
  • . Scroll down to the advanced section of the space after that you can see a toggle labelled developer mode. We have to turn it on.
  • After that you get three different ID codes go to the message in the questions and right click directly on the user’s name.
  • Select copy ID.
  • We have to paste the number switch we have copied some hair and label it as user ID. If the user change their name future the ID will remain same.
  • Right click on the messages itself and select the copy ID.
  • After that you will get an idea number for the messages and channels.
  • Paste it and label it as message ID like you did the other one.
  • Go to the icon for the server on the left side on your screen and right click on it.
  • Select the copy ID third time and paste it with two others.
  • Label this one server ID or something similar names which you created.
  • Send your report immediately

With these steps you can send your report to discord in an efficient manner.

You can also enter your email address and select your report type based on the option available in the dropdown menu.

After that you have to enter the the subject and finally describe about the incident and provide all the three ID codes in the description box.

You can also send the screenshots with the messages to discord team which you can submit with the attachment section available below.

Send this report along and you are ready to let this card take care of the rest.

How to report on iOS device

Reporting someone on a discord user on an IOS device is very simple process than doing it on a desktop.

We have to use our finger to place down and hold the Desire message and hit the report button.

In order to do that in your iOS device you don’t have to give any reason for ID codes.

You can also send an email to and also you can write your query.

How to clear report from discord application

If you want to to withdraw your report or need to cancel the prior report we recommended sending a direct message to the discord team via Twitter page.

In order to do that we have to send our situation in details and ask that team member to arrange your report as soon as possible.

And also you can send your email address which exactly you use for this particular account and give some reasons why someone might attract a report and what exactly you have giving a report mistakenly someone.

In this way we can withdraw our report from the discord application.


We covered all the details about this card application and also informed how to report someone on discord application in an efficient manner. Hope that it will help for you and you should enjoy at the time of reading this article. You can also subscribe to our newsletter for your future reference. Apart from that if you still have any queries you can ask in our comment section. If you like this article kindly share this article with your friends and family.

Thank you so much for reading!!!

Frequently asked questions

1. Does reporting work on Discord?

Yes of course it is possible. We can report someone for abusive chat on discord through discord application.

2. How do you block and report Discord?

In order to block and report someone for abusive chat on a to discord application we have to obey some couple of steps which are listed in the the article.

3.How do I report someone under Discord 13?

In order to report someone under discord 13 we have to obey some couple of steps which are listed in the the article. So please go to the article and gained variety of knowledge over there.

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