How to link fortnite account

How to link fortnite account
How to link fortnite account

If you are really interested Tu to play the game Fortnite then this article will cover how to link Fortnite accounts with step by step easy process.

We all are known that Fortnite is a kind of cross-platform capability that everyone enjoys this game.

You might be playing on a Nintendo switch at the time your friend is on an Xbox but still, you can able to experience the game together.

So in this article, we will cover what exactly the Fortnite account and we will also inform you about GitHub Xbox PlayStation network, and many other games such as Nintendo switch.

So that without wasting any time let’s get started.

Friends Fortnite will allow the user to link all their profiles together in order to play the same game across all the platforms.

this process is a kind of simple process Fair he will be leveling your battle off regardless of the device you’re playing on. so as long as you understand the game and how to log in to your epic Fortnite account so it should be linking your account in not more than 3 to 4 minutes.

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how to link Fortnite accounts

if you have a computer or we can say any kind of Android device then you need not worry about linking any other account. because on other devices you are not able to link those games because the comparison between epic games and apple is was you are no longer able to play Fortnite on their devices.

maybe this game will available for Android devices near future but right now this is feature is available for apple owners.

you are on the right track 2 playing on your preferred device and in sub couple of minutes, we will also inform you how to link Fortnite accounts to your device.

so in order to link your Fortnite account to your device you need to follow a couple of steps which are listed below

  • the post when it to moving to the epic games website and we have to sign in with the help of your credential.
  • if you do not have any credentials then you need to create your account first with the help of your personal information and after that, you need to sign in with your username and password.
  • the account is used for all the versions of Fortnite so consider adding two-factor authentication before you do anything else.
  • once you are signed in to the Fortnite account then your account pays will look in the new tab that appears in the left-hand corner and says connected accounts.
  • as off now You are signed in to this Fortnite account and now you can see there are many more options available in order to connect for GitHub Xbox and PlayStation Network as well as Nintendo switch also.
  • we need to select any of these options and provide your personal information by clicking the

confirmation button.

the process is very simple in order to connect your Fortnite to Xbox or PlayStation and Nintendo switch there are a couple of steps available in order to link that applies to your Fortnite account.

the first step we need to do that we have to first sign in to each respective service with the help of the username and password

after that you need to give permission for all the services to share your information with epic games

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on how to link accounts on next-generation consoles

 fortnite account
fortnite account

If you have a next-generation control then we need to upgrade the two-hour account into next generation console. so this is not a mandatory filled because the PlayStation Network ID or we can say the Xbox account is already linked with this next-generation console so in order to do that you should be able to jump into the battle Royale without any extra steps.

As we mentioned previously If you follow the steps correctly then you are now ready to go. and you are now being connected with this application and you can now continue your game. if you want to unlock your gear progress bar or anything else kind of stop then you need to do it with the help of your console which is available on this platform as well.

if you are really interested to play this game with your friends and family then you can continue playing regardless of this platform you are using in an efficient manner.

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how to merge Fortnite accounts

Fortnite dropped one of the major features merging in 2019 may that allow the different user to merge their account simultaneously.

where players are used to having the option of merging of epic account bird now that you can play on any platform you won’t need this option anymore.

this function was primarily used by the pro gamers who started playing in the time of 2018 but from now on it is not available for gamers and uh in this process you will connect your Fortnite to the play on PC and console.


in this article, we covered all the things about how to link Fortnite accounts with your PlayStation or we can say Xbox or we can say Nintendo switch in an efficient manner. we’re hoping that you are enjoying this article at the time of reading. apart from that if you guys have any doubts regarding this connection or linking then you need to feel free to ask in our comment section. we are happy to help you out as soon as possible. apart from that you can share this article with your friends and family and save this space for your future reference.

thank you for reading!!!


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